Local Missions

Local Missions


The mission of Refuge for Women is “to empower sexually exploited women to live a life of freedom through faith-based, residential healing programs.” This Christ-centered organization provides long-term housing in a safe environment, as well as programs designed to enable women to discover true freedom and a future.  You can learn more about them at Texas Gulf Coast – Refuge for Women and purchase products made by survivors at www.survivormade.org.

unbound houston

Another organization dedicated to healing of trafficking survivors, Unbound Houston “supports survivors and resources our community to fight human trafficking in three primary ways: prevention and awareness, professional training, and survivor advocacy in the Greater Houston Area.” You can learn more about their work and how you can get involved at Unbound Houston.

beltway 8 south crisis pregnancy center

The Crisis Pregnancy Center provides “free and confidential support services for those involved in unplanned pregnancies.” They provide both hope and help enwrapped in compassion and the saving love of Christ. To learn more, visit www.lifelinecpc.org.

MONSTROSE street reach

Montrose Street Reach is a mission partner serving people experiencing homelessness and at-risk youth and adults in downtown Houston. This mission’s purpose is to transfer them out of their current environment and equip them to lead productive lives through Jesus Christ.

The Mission instills Christian values and provides practical assistance through their various ministries. One of their major ministries is the Wednesday night services and support in the Montrose area. Those who attend are given provisions for food and clothing, along with opportunities to get referral help in legal matters, job matters, and health issues, to name a few. Additionally, a praise and worship service is led by the major founders of Montrose Street Reach and church or Christian organizations. The Mission leaders include the co-founders, Martin and Kim Dale, and preacher Joe Williams. The volunteer groups bring the provisions for the meals as well as the clothing and Bibles to distribute.

Montrose Street Reach has other ministries such as Under the Bridge as well. Leaders and volunteers can go and talk with people living on the street or under the bridges and encourage them to have a relationship with Jesus. Additionally, the Little Footprints ministry helps children in need of a home get adopted by Christian families.

All of the ministries are designed to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness, and to expand the ministry to more people through life changing assistance.

FBCP has been involved in all of the Montrose Street Reach ministries, especially the Wednesday night gatherings. Twice a year, we provide for the entire Wednesday night ministry of music, sermon, and assistance. If you are interested in getting involved, contact Richard McNairy at dickmcnairy@sbcglobal.net or Greg Hawkins at greg.hawkins3910@gmail.com.